BCHW 501(c)(3) Guidelines and Reporting
Tips and Support Info for Chapter Treasurers

Your volunteer efforts will help BCHW meet its objectives and keep us out of trouble!

Chapter Finance Guidelines and Forms:

1. Basic 501(c)(3) Guidelines

2. 501(c)(3) FAQ's

3.  BCHW Tax Filing Procedures

4. Annual Chart of Accounts Instructions

5. 2019 Blank Chart of Accounts Form
(An Excel Spreadsheet file)

6. BCHW Form W-9 Instructions
(What is a Form W-9 and when is it required)

7. IRS Form W-9

8. BCHW Grant Administrator’s duties and support info

9.  BCHW State Accounting FAQ for 2020

(Where to send checks to BCHW - Updated 1-5-20)

10.  BCHW Reimbursement Requests Guidelines
Printable PDF Form    Excel Spreadsheet Form

11. BCHW Standing Rule 2009-2 - 501(c)(3) Status Guidelines

12. Narrative Description of Approved BCHW Activities

(From the original BCHW 501(c)(3) application)

13. BCHW Records keeping guidelines
(General guidlines approved by the board)

14. 2018 BCHW 990 Tax Form
(For info only, Chapters do not prepare this, Very large file)

15. Letter from BCHW Treasurer with BOD approved proposal
(Approved by the BCHW board of directors at the June 15, 2019 meeting)

16. A 5+ hr video of a Treasures Training session held on Nov 2, 2019
(Click here for a the training session outline)  

17. 2020 and 2021 Reseller Permit

18. Washington State Gambling Info 
General Raffle Questions
Raffles - Requirements
Poker Runs

Please direct any questions to:


Teri Starke Treasurer