BCHW Social Media 2020
Notes and handouts from the 2020 Leadership Training


       Apologize for not sending information requested last year

Pass around signup sheet

Pass out packet


Does your chapter have a web page?

       Do you monitor hits on it?

       Do members actually watch it for information?

       Do you have a back program for files?


Does your chapter have a Face Book, Twitter or insta-gram?

       What is working well for you?

       What problems do you have?


Any media pages must have a BCHW disclaimer on them (in packet and available from your Chapter director)


Send Chapter/BCHW event flyers to the BCHW FB administrators and event information to Jim for the current events page on BCHW.org



       Lori Lennox 360-507-9217  LLennox82@gmail.com

       Louise Caywood 253-732-8105 saddledupw@aol.com


BCHW web page:

       Jim Thode webboss@bchw.org



       Send articles and advertising to bchw@wamedia.com

       Content deadlines for the THN will be published on BCHW FB page

       Send Chapter events to the THN well in advance


Publicity Committee

       Describe what tasks will be carried out by this new committee

       Speak one on one with any attendee that seems like they would be an asset to the committee.


Website Notes

Website policy

Face book or Website Disclaimer  

Standing Rule PPE's

Standing Rule Public Statements

Website Links Guidelines

2017 Training Notes